Where winter sports meets digital entertainment.

Brand & User Interface

The Brand

Snow is an open world free-to-play winter sports game with a strong emphasis on real clothing and gear from some of the biggest winter sports brands in the world. When Poppermost CEO and Game Director Alexander Bergendahl approached us to design the brand and UI for the game we were immediately excited.

Poppermost was on the hunt for a brand that could extend beyond the needs of the game and feel as home among winter sport fans as among gamers. Approaching the project as part sports brand and part digital entertainment, we started to collaborate with Poppermost and gradually developed the games visual identity, user interface, and marketing language over a 3 year period.

The Interface

The user interface for Snow is inspired by the feeling of the game itself, with it’s blinding bright but serene open worlds. Our approach was to construct a Swiss-inspired and highly typographic tile-based grid system that could easily be expanded as the game grew. We also wanted the front-end to be a visual language in itself, where elements could be re-used in other applications to help create a strong and unified brand.


The game also needed a rather large library of icons and illustrations for the main menu and in-game HUD. All icons are drawn on a custom grid, in a range of sizes, and share a friendly and illustrative style to bring some warmth to the otherwise understated tone of the interface.


Being invited from the early stages of the birth of a new game, to design both the brand and the UI as one complete package is a great experience. With todays online tools, communication with the team worked fantastic even while we were spread out in different locations, and we truly enjoy seeing the game and the brand continue to grow and develop.

"1910 offers more than just incredible graphic design and branding skills—they bring an artistry and an authentic love of their work to each and every project."

Alexander Bergendahl, CEO at Poppermost