Branding the new kid in the creative VFX industry.

Brand & Online Presence

The Mission

Since the start in 2011, Quixel have sold their groundbreaking texturing tools to over 70.000 visual effects studios and game developers worldwide, and by doing so greatly impacted how the industry work with content creation today. For their 2014 rebrand, we designed the company identity, the brand system for the applications, the website, and the online presence.

The Company

The Quixel brand is shaped around a polygonal looking "Q" built from triangles, just as the 3d-models in the thousands of virtual movie sets and game worlds Quixel's tools help shape every day. Being as simplistic as it is, the Q-icon works well in all sizes and circumstances, and thus provides an strong and easily recognisable signature for the Quixel brand.

The Applications

Apart from the company identity and online presence, we also constructed the identity system for the software suite. The set provides an easily expandable icon system with a colourful and creative look, communicating a clear connection to the main brand with it's polygonal angles and cuts.

The Website

The Quixel website was made as a presentation of their product portfolio, demonstration of their high-tech tools and technologies, and as an online store for users to purchase their software and material libraries.


Quixel’s tools are used by over 70.000 top game development and visual effects studios worldwide, and their latest product Megascans have already been used in Hollywood blockbusters such as Disney's The Junglebook. We're proud to have helped Quixel’s brand shine, and establish itself as a top player in the digital creative industry.

"Since our rebranding, Quixel has enjoyed massive success, and it is my firm belief that 1910 played a key role in this."

Teddy Bergsman, CEO & Founder at Quixel