Making advanced software approachable.

Logotype Design

The Brand

LootLocker is a light weight player profile management backend from SNOW developer Poppermost, used to manage assets and players' profiles in games and software. We created the logotype and brand identity used throughout the product and marketing applications.

Poppermost wanted a brand that felt simple and approachable to target the product to small developers who might be concerned with implementing complex backend solutions. Our approach was to create a cute mascot to represent the product and thus, Hector the loot loving parrot was born.


Once Hector and the logotype was on board, we further developed merchandise in the shape of t-shirts and tote bags for the team. Additionally an animation was created for explainer video endings, as well as a few desktop and mobile wallpapers in a super-reduced isometric 3d style based on the bold geometric shapes found in the logotype.

"1910 immediately understood our product vision and within a few days was able to produce amazing results that has given our company a fantastic logo and mascot to rally behind!"

Alexander Bergendahl, CEO at Poppermost