Logos & Marks

A collection of logotypes created for the games, tech and lifestyle sectors.

Logotype Design

Game Logotypes

We love designing brands for games, all from global AAA-franchises to ambitious indie titles that push boundaries. We believe that our experience in both games and traditional graphic design gives us unique insight into how to craft logotypes that are both typographically well made as well as suitable for the market.

Game Developer Logotypes

Our connections in the game industry have given us the opportunity to help many large and small studios to develop or expand on their own corporate identities. As always we feel right at home in the intersection of games and design, and are happy to find ourselves in the middle of the two.

Tech Logotypes

We have also gotten the chance to help lots of tech companies and digital startups to craft their brands, all from apps and production companies, to hardware manufacturers and technology conferences.

Lifestyle Logotypes

Office spaces, music labels, leather craftsmanship and well-being consultants. All other sectors are collected here.