Modern food shopping for everyone.

Brand Design & Online Experience

What is Gastrofy

Gastrofy is modern food shopping by recipe. Instead of shopping groceries you shop meals and Gastrofy adds the ingredients for you. We partnered with them to create a new digital brand and online platform to help people be more inspired, shop smarter, and cook easier in the comfort of their own home.

The Brand.

The Gastrofy brand is colourful and vivid, modern and youthful. We re-envisioned their old chef icon into a simplified chef's hat brand mark, revigorated the color palette, and updated the typography to serve better both in terms of brand recognition and readability across devices.

The Online Experience

Shopping with Gastrofy should be simple. Get meal suggestions based on your personal preferences, simply add the necessary ingredients to your cart with one click, choose if you want it budget friendly or more organic, and get simple step-by-step instructions in your phone when the groceries have arrived. Heck, you even get a reminder when expire dates on certain products start closing in!

"We tried to make Gastrofy's shopping experience as simple as starting Spotify and clicking on your latest Discover Weekly. The service should really do the thinking for you!"

Jonas Salvador, Art Director at 1910


What you eat is important and getting there should be simple. With the aim of making Gastrofy the best possible place to find, shop, and cook what you eat, we worked for two months on the complete overhaul, and had a ton of fun doing it.

The development of the new Gastrofy is still in progress and expected to launch during 2017.

"Selecting a design agency is hard but 1910 is simply stellar. They are the best of kind in web design, branding and user experience while being humble and thoughtful. A real pleasure to work with."

Robin Rendahl, CEO at Gastrofy