Exit Live

Designing the ultimate streaming music service for live recordings.

UX & UI, Brand & Marketing.

The Concept

Exit Live came to us with an idea and a statement. They wanted make the ultimate streaming music service for live recordings, where artists maintained all rights to their music, where live music enthusiasts found unique and inspiring content, and where venues could interact with their audience about upcoming concerts and events.

The Service

Exit Live wanted us to join the team from the start, designing all UX and UI for the mobile app, web app and artist dashboard, as well everything related to the brand, landing pages and marketing. While the project is still in development, we’re working continuously with the team to design all aspects of the service until it's ready for it's beta-release later in 2016.

"We want you to do our UX/UI design. We have not come to this conclusion casually. We have searched and searched and we have only found you guys, who we all agree can make our products WOW!"

David Stone, CEO at Exit Live