Coffee Stain

From indie to phenomenon. A grown up brand for the studio behind Goat Simulator.

Identity & Website

The Brief

After the incredible success of multi-platform phenomenon Goat Simulator, developer Coffee Stain contacted us about a complete rework of their brand identity and presence in the digital as well as physical space.

The collaboration resulted in a brand new and more grown up visual identity, website, stationery, and also extended to include moodboards and guidelines for the design of their entire new office space based in a retired cinema.

The Logotype

The Coffeestain logotype went through many iterations where several different routes for the identity was explored. As soon as we decided to go into a more vintage coffee shop feeling things started falling quickly into place. For the final logotype we teamed up with handwriting expert Dima Tkachev to bring his signature style to the mark.

"Things fell into place quickly after we decided to go into a more vintage coffee shop type feeling."

Paul Yance, Lead Designer at Coffee Stain

The Website

In a period of growth Coffee Stain wanted to clearly communicate their personality, their love of games and the friendliness of their environment to succeed in attracting the best new talent to the studio. This was communicated using an inviting behind the scenes-look for the studio photography combined with a casual and down to earth tone of voice as the foundation for the site.

For gamers and users the site should also be the portal to the studios growing portfolio of games, focusing on showcasing the best content and providing quick and easy access to buy the games no matter what device you’re browsing from. The website was designed by us and developed in collaboration with Meramedia .

Website Photography

For the large amount of photography needed for the project, we teamed up with photographer Sebastian Bularca to document the studio atmosphere and staff. Following the brand direction of an authentic and laid-back coffee-shop feel, Sebastian provided a great variety of shots used throughout the project.


We love working with creative teams, helping them identify and shape the foundation of their appearance and ways of communicating. Working with Coffee Stain proved to be as much of an enjoyable experience as a rewarding challenge, resulting in what ultimately felt as the definite look and feel for their years going forward.

"There was a good vibe with 1910 right from the first couple of emails. Through quick iterations and open communication we were able to reach a design that wasn't only functional, expandable and user friendly but also very beautiful."

Paul Yance, Lead Designer at Coffee Stain