Updating the Hansoft brand.

September 21, 2016

Over the last decade Hansoft has grown to become a global leader in the agile software space with companies around the world using their tools to collaborate as they transition to agile enterprises. Having recently released their new application Favro (which we also worked on), Hansoft decided it was time to update their other brands to keep the portfolio consistent and in line with the level of success they had reached.

As long as there was only one product (Hansoft) it made sense to use the same name for the company, but as Favro was added to the line-up, using the name Hansoft for both the company and their enterprise application proved confusing to the customers. On top of that the Hansoft logotype also looked somewhat left behind next to Favro’s more vibrant and colorful brand.

To sort out the naming confusion Hansoft decided to keep the name Hansoft for the company and to call the enterprise product Hansoft A3. This way the company Hansoft offered two products: Hansoft A3 and Favro. Following this decision we were approached to update both logotypes to clearly separate the two from each other.

The old brand consisted of an icon and a custom wordmark together. Since the icon was heavily associated with the application, whereas the wordmark felt more corporate, we decided it was time to separate the two. Our new solution was to keep the icon for the application and the wordmark for the company, but to update both of them for the years to come.

The new Product

The old icon was oval and therefore hard to scale. The oval shape also made the icon considerably smaller than it’s surrounding icons in the dock and taskbar, so we chose to make it round instead. The new round, and simplified, icon was then paired with the name Hansoft A3 set in Circular Book, instead of custom type, to allow for easy future additions to the name.

The new Company

The old wordmark was custom designed and did have some character, but the letter shapes were irregular and didn’t really work when scaled down. We opted to keep the basic idea, but re-drew the letters from scratch with an even thickness and cleaned up overall shapes to make the wordmark look more polished and work better in different sizes.

The two updated brands is an evolution rather than a revolution, keeping the the legacy from the past 10 years, but more clearly separating the product from the company, while refreshing their looks and making them easier to use in a variety of different applications.

Jonas Salvador, Art Director & Partner