Our Work on Stage.

November 5, 2018

A Way Out at E3

This past year treated us with a number of public appearances of our work that left us humbled and proud. The first one being our logotype for A Way Out on stage at E3, in Josef Fares first public presentation of project. Read more about our work on the brand for A Way Out here.

Quixel at WWDC

The second one was our logo for Quixel, on stage at WWDC, behind Craig Federighis presentation of Apple's new partnering companies for VR and AR. Having one of our logotypes appear on stage at Apple was indeed a satisfactory checkmark on our bucket list. Also amazing to see someone that has actually tattooed the Quixel icon on his forearm. So amazing! Read more about our work on the brand for Quixel here.

DICE 25 Year Anniversary

For DICE 25-year anniversary, they asked us to design the official celebration logo, combining the number 25 with the original dice logo (designed by Stockholm Design Lab) in a coherent mark. The logo appeared on a large number of items including flags, walls, baloons, cakes and banners.