About Us

Together with our clients, we shape the brands and experiences of tomorrow.

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About Us

We are a digital brand & interaction agency based in Sweden. Since our start in 2011 we've helped a great number of clients worldwide to find the perfect union of clarity and style in their visual communication and products. Our work include brand and identity design, web and app design, UX & UI design, and wherever we go – we aim to simplify and clarify to maximise usability and impact.


Over the years we've worked with a wide range of companies, from small forward-thinking startups to large international brands. We love the variety in size and scope, and believe that it provides unique insight that, in the end, makes us better suited to handle both types of projects.


Games have always been an integral part of our DNA, and our experience in the industry makes us a perfect external partner for a game project no matter the size. Ever since our first steps in the industry in 2006, our credits include art, team management, UX & UI design, graphic design, as well as strategic exploration of marketing and brands.


Since we opened shop in 2011, we’ve managed to get featured in some great online and printed publications. We’re always honoured to see our work appreciated, and we keep a list of some of our most humbling mentions here.